Universal Cabinets

Step1 + Step 2 + Step 3 = Finished Outdoor Kitchen

Universal Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

Universal Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

How did this kitchen addition get done quickly? First, the customer asked us to put together a 3D sketch based on features they were looking for in a kitchen. From that, we created this 3-D sketchup.

Next, we determined what OxBox Universal cabinets were needed, and laid out the kitchen.

Finally the contractor applied the chosen finish, and the addition was done!

Universal Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets Design Process

Universal Cabinets

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Universal Cabinets

Grill Cabinets

Universal Outdoor Kitchen Grill Cabinets

OxBox Grill cabinets hold various built in grills. These vary in width based on the size and dimensions of the grill being used.

Angle Cabinets

Universal Outdoor Kitchen Angle Cabinets

Angle cabinets come in 33, 45 and 90 degree shapes.

Accessory Cabinets

Universal Outdoor Kitchen Accessory Cabinets

Accessory cabinets provide the room for all stainless grill accessories like burners, drawers and more.

Filler Cabinets

Universal Outdoor Kitchen Filler Cabinets

Filler cabinets create spacing between your stainless, and also help show off your veneer.

Ox Box on YouTube

OxBox Video Channel on YouTube

Come see for yourself just how awesome these outdoor kitchen cabinets are. Visit the Ox Box Cabinets channel on YouTube and see just how easy they will make designing your new outdoor kitchen space.

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