Kitchen Layouts

Some of our favorite layouts

The Introducer

Version 1

It’s your turn to have a beautiful outdoor kitchen. It is time to give up your store-bought grill for a modest, yet totally efficient outdoor entertaining area. You will be supplied with all of the essentials. The Introducer provides you with an area for the grill and underneath storage, a trash compartment and a mini refrigerator – or replace either of these components with more storage. No more running inside while you are hosting. Your neighbors will love being entertained in your outdoor kitchen.

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The Graduate

Version 2

It is time to entertain! It has everything The Introducer has, but a little with just a little more. For the homeowner that has extra space for a larger outdoor kitchen, The Graduate is the way to go. You have an outdoor kitchen that is equipped beyond the basics. The left side of the kitchen is the chef’s station- a grill with storage and a single side burner. The opposite side of your entertaining unit is up to you - a trash compartment, mini refrigerator and an ice chest is what we like. This will be beautifully landscaped in your backyard, and your friends and family will love being entertained.

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The Open Entertainer

Version 3

To us, this is the ultimate outdoor kitchen. This kitchen allows a great place for the chef to prepare food, while his guest can sit nearby at the bar. The kitchen shown is outfitted with a double side burner and a 44” grill with extra storage space. Additionally, the Open Entertainer is equipped with a bar sink, trash, a mini refrigerator and an ice chest. There isn’t too much more your guests will require. Provide them with a cold drink and your entertaining is sure to be a success.

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The Post Graduate

Version 4

You have made it! It is time to show off your culinary and entertaining skills. The Post Graduate is the dream outdoor kitchen that you will be proud to entertain business associates, family and friends. The layout provides for a gathering area around the bar with a beverage center, a mini refrigerator, an ice chest and a trash compartment. The chef’s station has a 44" grill with extra storage and a double side burner. There is plenty of room to prep your meal while never leaving your guests.

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